KL® megla – the innovation company

Glass architecture is the most fascinating building development of the 20th and 21st centuries – in façades and interiors as well as in the field of technical applications with intelligent glass. The glass trade, with all its specific requirements, requires a great deal of know-how: every single glass pane requires hardware – in other words, everything that holds the glass, moves it or controls intelligent glass.

It must take into account the specific properties of different types of glass, harmonize with them and be adapted to the corresponding substructures. There are many things to consider: Environmental influences, moisture and chemical corrosion, static specifications, safety aspects, aesthetics, etc. KL® megla specialises precisely in this.

We develop and produce hardware for glass – both in series and special designs for customer-specific requirements. German innovation and development thanks to our own development department, German quality standards for materials and processing and customer orientation from easy assembly to detailed technical support – that is KL® megla – the innovation company.