Two German inventors, 
over three generations,
established on four continents:

This is KL® megla –  the innovation company.

1917 the first company was established in Cologne, Germany by Master Glazier Karl Reinecke. The company grew continuously and Karl Reinecke became the leading glazier in Germany as the head of the German Glazier Association in Berlin in the 1930s

The Inventors

Karl-Otto Reinecke founded the company Megla Technik in Cologne in 1968 (Megla stands for Metal/glass). Being the son of Karl Reinecke, and a master glazier himself he was introduced very early to the art of glass fabrication, and took over the family business after World War II.

After repairing and constructing framed glass in the post-war period, Karl-Otto Reinecke concentrated on modern, thermally insulated aluminium frame-systems and frameless glazing.

With the help of Klaus Arp and Hans-Gerd Greferath, veterans of the glass and hardware industry, Karl-Otto Reinecke significantly contributed to the development of the “Studio” door system.

In 1971, in cooperation with a Japanese manufacturer, he introduced a hydraulic automatic door system to the European market, as well as innovative, luminous ceiling and flooring systems. Many national and international landmarks feature his designs, including the Cologne/Bonn Airport, the plenar hall of the German Bundestag (parliament) in Bonn, the Cologne Philharmonic and the French Pavilion at the World Expo in Brisbane, Australia. Karl-Otto Reinecke retired in 1992.

Karl Loggen founded the fitting company KL-Beschläge (KL stands for Karl Loggen, “Beschläge means fittings in German), initially a single proprietorship. Since 1995 it operates under the name of KL-Beschläge Karl Loggen GmbH in Eitorf/Sieg. Born in 1931 in Cologne, he was raised by his mother after his father fell in battle. Instead of enjoying a sheltered childhood, he had to work in order to support his family. He was trained as a master toolmaker and worked for companies in production, development and sales. He was employed by Gebr. Willach in Ruppichteroth, and quickly established his reputation as a brilliant developer, tinkerer and inventor. He developed drawer systems and other interior designs,  which often required glass harware. This inspired his invention of the glass clamp, which became the worldwide standard that is still in use today. The first prototype was carved in wood and is displayed in the company headquarter’s showroom.

In the mid 1970’s he started production in his garage, but quickly expanded to a new factory in the Eitorf/Sieg industrial area in 1995, which is still the headquarter today. In 1992, Karl Loggen presented the world’s first completely stepless adjustable door hinge, the KL-Milano, which remains an unrivaled classic today. Since then, many more developments have followed. In 2004 Karl Loggen passed away. His obituary called him “the inventor”.

The Generations

The founding generation introduced revolutionary inventions into the German market. KL-Beschläge and Megla Technik were two start-ups, which laid the groundwork for further innovation.

Peter Reinecke, joining his father’s company in 1981, and Jörg Loggen, respectively in 1990, were the next generation to continue the work.

Born in 1958 in Cologne, Peter Reinecke spent several years abroad, primarily in the United States of America. He graduated with a degree in Business Economics, and specialized in International Management and Finance.

He was deciding between various offers from the financial sector and the oil industry in the USA, when his father asked him to join the management of Megla Technik. Accepting his father’s offer, he took over 30% of the shares. 2 years before the retirement of his father, Peter acquired the remaining shares and was appointed managing director.

Born in 1963 in Cologne, Joerg Loggen was already established as a master butcher and was about to accept ownership of a prominent meat processing business when his father, Karl Loggen, asked him to join the management of KL-Beschläge. He also accepted this request, and was appointed managing director, taking over 25% of the shares in 1998. After his father passed away, he took over the remaining shares.

Both Joerg Loggen and Peter Reinecke took an active role in managing, merchandising, marketing and expanding the customer networks of their two companies

Joerg Loggen and Peter Reinecke met in 1997, when Peter was looking for an innovative shower door system. This meeting led to a quick partnership. 
After teaming up to train clients throughout Germany, they realized the benefits of joining forces.

In 1998 they joined together to take over the company Glasstec and relocated to Nümbrecht, Germany.

In 2000, Karl and Joerg Loggen and Peter Reinecke established KL® megla GmbH, as an international sales company for KL-Beschläge Karl Loggen GmbH (which exists to this day) and Megla Technik GmbH (which merged with KL® megla GmbH in 2001).

Presence on Four Continents

Led by Joerg Loggen and Peter Reinecke, KL® megla has grown rapidly and expanded into a global operation. During the first 10 years after the merging, the company’s size and relevance has increased tenfold in Germany alone. The international expansion has spread across four continents.

KL® megla focuses on three pillars: constant development, high-quality material and processing, and customer service.

The company slogan “the innovation company” comes from the constant discovery of new inventions, the numerous patents and the never-ending development of existing systems. Apart from creating new solutions for glass structures, KL® megla has added “green technology”, including lighting and solar technology, as well as smart and functional glass to its portfolio.

In 2005, the first international subsidiary was established in Guangzhou, China. Three years later, KL® megla expanded further, establishing subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the United States of America.

Representation in the US includes offices in Los Angeles, CA and Ft. Madison, IA. In 2012, KL® megla expanded its global presence to Sydney, Australia and continues to work with partners in Africa and South America.

KL® megla has a total four production facilities located in Germany, America and China. Manufacturing where we do business is a key component to being a responsible and successful entity in the 21st century market.

KL® megla is not only a globally recognized label, but also an international trendsetter for innovative products.


1917 // Foundation of the company Karl Reinecke in Cologne

1952 // Karl-Otto Reinecke joins his fathers company

1968 // Foundation of the company Megla Technik in Cologne

1969 // Introduction of the Studio hinge by Karl Otto Reinecke

1971 // Introduction of japanese hydraulic automatic door system in Germany

1979 // Development of the world’s first glass clamp by Karl Loggen

1981 // Foundation of the company KL-Beschläge Karl Loggen

1981 // Peter Reinecke joins Megla Technik GmbH

1990 // Jörg Loggen joins KL-Beschläge Karl Loggen

1992 // Introduction of the stepless adjustable Milano hinge by KL-Beschläge

1992 // Karl-Otto Reinecke retires

1995 // Transformation of the company KL-Beschläge into a GmbH and relocation to Eitorf

1998 // Peter Reinecke and Jörg Loggen acquire Classtec GmbH

2000 // KL® megla founded as a marketing company for KL-Beschläge and Megla Technik

2001 // Merger of Megla Technik with KL® megla GmbH

2005 // Foundation of Guangzhou KL® megla Pacific

2008 // Foundation of KL® megla Pacific in Hong Kong, China

2008 // Foundation of KL® megla America in California, USA

2011 // Establishment of a representative office in Sydney, Australia

2012 // Foundation of KL® megla Architectural in Iowa, USA