Icetec® Home

Base material: high-quality stainless steel

Icetec® Home is a high-quality stainless steel sliding door system for indoor applications.
The system is designed for the use of glass elements, but can also be prepared for wood, metal, plastic or other materials.

Sliding door system
Icetec® Home

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Icetec® Home Sliding door fittings
Icetec® Home is a high quality, sliding door system made of stainless steel for indoor use.
The system is intended for use with glass elements. It can, however, be prepared for wood, metal, plastic or other materials.

Important information

Glass type / glass thickness
The fittings are intended for 8 mm tempered safety glass.
Tempered safety glass must be used in accordance with the DIN EN 12150-1:2000.
Freestanding glass edges and glass corners on the sheets of glass must be bevelled and cut in such a way that no form of
injury will result upon use or cleaning of the glass door.

Size and weight per set
Glass thickness 8 mm
Door weight max. 60 kg
Door width max. 800 – 1000 mm
Door height max. 2100 mm
Carrier bar length ca. 2000 mm
Advice for glass bores/ glass cut-outs
Clean the glass in the vicinity of the carrier. In the glass bores be sure to use the portion of plastic tubing included with the delivery as protection between the glass and adapter (screw).


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Icetec® Home Technik-Katalog (PDF)

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Technical drawings

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Hinge set Icetec® Home

Set-No. 90021 // single-leaf door systems

Set-No. 90021

sets – single-leaf door systems consisting of:

1 carrier bar length: 2000 mm with mounting points
2 carrier
2 door-stopper
1 floor guide